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Each parchment is checked out two times manually by licensed megihim - supervisors and a last check by computer. Every one of our Mezuzah Scrolls/Parchments are KosherSKU: CKOSHMEZ.

Kosher Mezuzah Parchment Scroll (Klaf) written by an Israeli scribe (called a Sofer Stam in Hebrew). Dimension 7, which is 2 3/4 x 2 1/2 inches or 7cm. This mezuzah scroll will fit most mezuzah instances. This is the scroll that is placed inside the mezuzah situations. It consists of the Jewish petition, the Shema, beginning with the expression: "Pay attention, Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One." Mezuzot are positioned on entry doors to satisfy the Biblical rule to declare the Shema "on the doorposts of your home and also on your entrances." These are Ashkenazi design - written on pet skin without bleaching so the natural beauty of the skin shows via.

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Basic parchments meet very little requirements. Upscale is an extra advanced degree of craftsmanship. All kosher scrolls are created by a seasoned Israeli Sofer (scribe). These scrolls are stunning, legibly transcribed and also satisfy rigorous standards of Kashrut. Each scroll is inspected both by a 2nd Sofer as well as by computer at a special institute in Jerusalem.

Therefore it needs to be clearly transcribed by an expert scribe on a Kosher animal parchment. All these requirements make the scroll kosher. Orders normally deliver in 1-2 business days from our South Carolina storage facility Standard delivery takes 3-7 company days Free delivery on UNITED STATE orders $75+ Easy returns within thirty days of purchase.

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A claf is a sacred parchment that is held inside the mezuzah instance. The parchment is hand-written by a scribe who focuses on the spiritual definition of each word. The text engraved on the parchment is the first 3 paragraphs of the Shema, the central prayer of the Jewish belief.

By: Rabbi Moshe Heinemann In these turbulent times, lots of people have actually set up alarm in their residences which provide them a complacency. There are various sorts of warning device which are either linked to a central system or otherwise. However something is clear; the system will only function if all the wires are intact, the switches embeded in the best series as well as the unit is in functioning order.

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Just one torn link can invalidate the entire system. Our sensation of safety need to come from the acknowledgment that we have a guard in paradise, as opposed to depending entirely on some mechanical tool, designed by male. The Ribbono Shel Olam views over our residences if we do His will. The mezuzah affixed to our doorpost is our defense.

Specific letters are engraved on the exterior of this mezuzah scroll which claim, among various other things, that through this mezuzah scroll the residence is secured. However, your home is just safeguarded if the mezuzah "system" is undamaged; if it is made according to the specs under which it is planned to function.

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One has not executed the mitzvah which he or she assumed they were fulfilling at the time the mezuzah scroll was connected to the doorpost and thereafter, as well as the blessing that we claim when fastening the mezuzah was stated fruitless. There are several points which can invalidate a mezuzah.

This parchment has to be generated from the hide of a kosher animal. The parchment is after that racked up with an inscribing tool which makes grooves. The grooves must be made on the side of the parchment that was nearer to the flesh of the animal. When the scribe creates the scroll, he needs to take care to shape every letter in a particular way with sufficient spacing in between words.

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If there is a discrepancy from the above specifications, the mezuzah scroll is not kosher. It might be repairable depending on the nature of the trouble, but if it is not fixed it will certainly not satisfy its role as a mezuzah. It would be similar to any kind of other item of paper on which words of the Torah were composed.

Treatment ought to be taken that the parchment needs to be rolled, not folded up, to prevent cracking letters, which would certainly make the mezuzah posul, invalid. The mezuzah needs to be rolled from left to right. The rolled parchment needs to preferably be covered in a first safety cling wrap covering to produce a wetness obstacle.

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There is no unique requirement pertaining to the material of the instance (קלף כשר). Nonetheless, it would certainly be best to stay clear of a tight-fitting mezuzah situation where the mezuzah scroll would require to be compelled right into television. The mezuzah should be attached on the appropriate doorpost of the entrance of the room in an inclined setting, preferably at the base of the leading third of the doorpost.

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